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Maximum Ammo

Destroy all enemies

Start a new game:


WASD or Cursor keys - move tank
Mouse - fire gun
Space - drop a mine
X - toggle auto-fire
V - set spawn point

Editor Controls (your levels only)

Press E for Edit Mode
WASD or Cursor keys - move Cursor

Keys for adding items to map

1: place a wall
C : place a breakable wall

B : place lava
0 : place empty floor
2 : place a floor (lit)
3 : place a force-door
4 : place a floor (shadow)
5 : place a circle decoration
6 : place dark floor

tank spawn-points

9 : place a Tank I spawner
8 : place a Tank II spawner
7 : place a Tank III spawner
L : place a Tank IV spawner


F : place a health powerup
G : place a speed powerup
H : place a multi-shot powerup
K : place a bullet-speed powerup

Create a new level

(Your levels will be saved to your browser's local storage.)

Level name: